Furniture With Pallets

How To Organize The Terrace

Another much simpler option is based on stacking these pallets on top of each other, without the need to alter them but we will need a larger quantity, like 5 or 6 depending on the height we want to reach. The holes will be a little narrower, but we can use them to store tools, seeds and use the upper space to create new creations. Do not forget to fix the pallets with each other to avoid spreading things.

Also, we can incorporate some wheels in the lower part so that we can move it more easily, and voilà we have a unique and very versatile piece.

Fruit boxes and cubes to organize your outdoor space

If we want to use other materials, we can use fruit boxes or metal cubes. In the first case, we explained in previous articles, for example,   how to create a shelf with boxes of fruits. In this new use that we are going to give to the tables, the first part to adapt them is similar: we clean them, we sand them, and we paint them EYE! When placing these boxes outdoors, the paint we must use should be specific to outdoor areas as well as the varnish, which will be the point that closes this first part.

After decorating our boxes and correct drying, what we will do is anchoring them to our wall creating different vertical, horizontal shapes, one on top of the other … An original and economical storage space!

The metal cubes, we usually have them on the floor of our terrace or garden. However, this time instead of having them on the ground, what we will do is anchor them to the wall (just like we have done with fruit boxes). Paint the cubes of the color you want and mark both on the wall and in the hub where we will make the holes and place the screws. It is essential that we take into account the size of each of the centers and to be able to store our materials in them. We can even combine boxes and cubes!